Lunch at 9:30 PM

Lunch at 9:30 pm means you’ve had a lonnngggg day.

No puppies… Either I can’t count or Dally can’t…

Took Eden and Lucas out to help about 11 am.  Turns out they’d gathered most of our cows, which meant a loooooonnnnng time sorting and trailing and mothering up… then they sent us four wheeler cowboys (and two real ones) on ahead, while three stayed behind and helped a neighbor.  Lots of whooping and hollering and zooming…

I’ve had just about all the fun I can stand.  Lotion on the sunburn, advil, aspirin for the dogs, more drinks of water for all of us…

Poke me with a fork, I’m DONE!




Lunch at 9:30 PM — 2 Comments

  1. Love all those black cows and calves (where did that red one come from?) against the sage green hillside. Beauty like this, tucked in amongst the work, makes those long days memorable for something other than sore muscles. Hurry up Dally!

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