Another Tour

My compadres and I went up to our Mesa and leased Slope Pastures…

Aren’t they a fine lookin’ bunch?

compadresWe enjoyed seeing five hundred foot Otter Creek Canyon (no, the bottom of the canyon cannot be seen in this photo)…

Otter Creek CanyonVarious wildlife was spotted, including this sage chicken peering through the thick grass.  (Yes, this is the pasture that was burned… we knew the fire would be good for it, but it was making it through the first regrowth part that was difficult).

sage chickenLastly, a homestead, broken and tired, rests behind a curtain of wildflowers…

homesteadReturn tomorrow, another tour filled our day today!


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  1. They are a fine and fun looking bunch. What a great time you must have all had in your fantastically beautiful and varied country you live in. I enjoyed the tour also through your photos, thanks! 😉

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