Steer Trails

I seem to be rather random with no big story for you, so here’s random shots…

doeThis mule deer doe had twin fawns.  I rode by them in the badlands just after sunrise…

Wire Corrl ResThe reservoir at Wire Corral is full and gorgeous in the early morning light.  The “badlands” haven’t looked this good in years!  All reservoirs are full, water in still Running, Running!, in little ephemeral streams like Willow Creek.  There’s so much grass and it’s so tall!  There’s practically no way to tell there’s even been cows out on it!

herd“How Green Was My Valley”… Willow Creek style!  I’m late getting to the herd, as Brandon and I kicked steers down a different way first.

crossingTrailing steers down Willow Creek, we were constantly crossing water!  It’s usually dry through here, maybe with the occasional puddle.  Every hoofprint that fills with this precious water and holds it long enough to really benefit the plants instead of just watching the water drain away.  Great for the grass!

Nowood RiverThe Nowood River still runs muddy from all the recent rains.  Sometimes it’s grey, sometimes brown, and sometimes it looks like tomato soup… all depending on where the runoff comes from.  It’ll clear up soon.

mare's tailsMares’ Tails clouds whisper above the red calving shed… home again!


Our big sale is tomorrow on Northern Livestock Video Auction.  We should be on around noon or so… just in case you want to bid on our steers!!!  Wish us luck!


Happy Father’s Day!

I hope you got to spend some time with your special father figure!

I love you, Daddy!



Steer Trails — 4 Comments

  1. It must be wonderful for you to see all the green. Coming from a place that rarely had a decent rainfall where everything was constantly brown and dirt was the only ground cover to look at I sense your glee.

  2. You are indeed blessed to live in this gorgeous part of Wyoming, full of ranch adventure! Thank you for being diligent to share EVERY DAY,

  3. Today’s montage told it’s own lovely story – new birth, refreshing rain, wonderful Wyoming scenery, and the routines of your ranch life. This was a great way to start my day (as always). And…I think I spotted a hawk in the tree top in picture two? Have a great day.

  4. No big story needed. Just your lovely pictures are great. What a beautiful country you live in, and so different from my area.

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