Long Light

When the long light comes and sows golden hues across my world, I stop.  Marveling at the intense beauty that strikes me, I feel my chest tighten.  It pushes until my spirit springs free, gliding in tilting waves like the resident vultures above me.  Sounds soften.  Tractors are shut down.  Distant voices are gilded with laughter as the workday ends.  The low meh from momma cows is answered in higher pitched bawls from their calves as they reunite for the oncoming darkness.  Barn swallows swoop for their evening meal, rushing through the cloud ridden sky like mountain creek water over rapids.  The first puff brushes my face as the nightime downslope breeze begins, cooler air sliding down the Big Horn Mountains with glee.  Mosquitoes buzz and land and I shudder them off as I stand there, still entranced.  Fresh hay scent lingers, clean, new, the scent of winter security from Mother Nature’s unpredictable wrath.  Psht-psht-psht-psht-psht sings the sprinklers, rotating water and new life back into the scalped hayfields.

This is my favorite time of the day.

Hard work is over.  Warm supper waits on the stove and cold beer condenses water droplets on the can.  A hen struts by, headed for the coop.

The clouds have changed already in the long light, a slide show of artistry that I will never be able to capture.  Except in my heart.

long light


Long Light — 12 Comments

  1. Your words have poetically described the beauty of a summer evening. Thanks for reminding me of those special feelings and your scenery is so beautifully shown in your photos.

  2. Your words describe that magical time so accurately. It is indeed a time that touches our hearts and for a brief moment all seems right with the world as we absorb the special moment. How lucky that we get these moments twice a day. Sunrise and sunset. We just have to remember to stop and gaze and enjoy.

  3. There is such a warmth and comfort in twilight. It is really magical. I feel the same each morning on my drive in to work. I arrive at work just as the sun begins to come up during the summer. I say a few extra prayers for the day each day at this time. Yes, I’m driving, but I can pray while driving.

  4. Ohh, that photo! It’s a perfect illustration for your words! It’s like a evening sigh, but I don’t know if that makes sense outside of my head. lol

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