Excellent Day

More photos from Independence Day…

Yes, we had a “float wardrobe malfunction” and lost a book cover.  Oooooops.

in actionsister city





We’re funny… or we think we’re funny!

JalanJalanCraig finally got to meet Jalan Crossland.  Home town boy.  Talented and award winning musician.  Excellent writer.  Very fun and unique… go check out a few of his videos!

Judy JohnsonJudy, Craig’s wife, working hard at their booth.

Ten Sleep royaltyMeeting Ten Sleep royalty… (They’re sisters and 20 mile neighbors and great branding pen ropers!)

After we finished up and recovered and I wandered back home… my sister showed up and we went creek stomping and fishing for supper.  An excellent (and tasty) way to end an Excellent Day!  Thanks, Craig and Judy!



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  1. I’ve been especially enjoying your posts about the float, Craig Johnson, and the Fourth of July immensely, since (you won’t believe this) I am on my lifetime, dream vacation to the Canadian Rockies and the Calgary Stampede…group tour and it’s great. I waved to you down in Ten Sleep, as I crossed northern Montana by train. Must say, the scenery in Montana and ALberta is awesome. And all that I have read on your blog about cattle came in handy as we passed huge ranches and herds of cattle with little calves in tow. I”ll have to get a Craig Johnson book when I get back!

  2. Any news on whether Longmire will have another season? If so, when and where can we watch it? Sure did enjoy the series. My husband has now read every Longmire book.

    • Longmire just wrapped filming their 4th season in New Mexico, with Longmire Days to be celebrated in Buffalo, Wyoming in two weeks. Longmire can be seen on Netflix, and they will stream this fourth season in the fall.

  3. Wow! What a lot of hard work went into your 4 July day. Even harder on the day with temps so high. Experienced 90+ when visiting family in Singapore earlier this year. We had no streams to cool off in so spent a lot of time people watching in the AC Malls. What fish did you catch?

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