I haven’t seen it this bad since Yellowstone burned.  Canadian forest fire smoke has made its way into the Big Horn Basin, and the past week has been miserably smokey.  Small rain showers and wind haven’t helped.  This *is* smoke, not lowered clouds with rain.

Canada fire smokeMy red hills have disappeared!  At least I can still see my house from the chicken coop!

canada fire smoke


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  1. I noticed the smoke, too, on the train from Chicago to Shelby, MT. and today in Banff the usual clear views were a bit smokey. The Athabasca Glacier was totally awesome!!! with bright sun.

    Saw my first grizzly!

  2. I feel your pain, we get similar, though not as bad in South Texas from the fires set intentionally In Mexico and Central America. They use fire to clear land. It usually lasts most of June. Wasn’t to bad this year

  3. It is smokey here in east central Nebraska too due to the jet stream… not good air quality and lots of people are suffering if they have breathing problems… wonder how hard it is on animals all over the area? I can see how you would miss your view…

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