Guest House

After we’d soaked up the ambiance from Medicine Lodge State Park…

cabinspetroglyphpetroglyphMy sister and I were in the mood for this…

tipitipitipirainbow tipiA rainbow appeared in the distance!

blue sky tipiI left for home right here… the hard work was done… and it just needed staked and tightened.  Please note:  Our wonderful blue skies have returned!!!!  But later that night, my sister send me this…

drum tight tipiDrum tight and gorgeous!  Today she spent time hanging the liner and setting it up inside… and we’re so ready to set up the other tipis we have!  The “guest house” is ready!


No questions for the next Q&A session?  Okay……………


Guest House — 7 Comments

  1. Ahhh! I was wondering when you’d feature your teepee again (if this is yours?). I enjoyed the Indian Village section of the Calgary Stampede which
    was filled with teepees. Wow, they are big! Also enjoyed several demonstrations of Indian dancing, and we had an Indian storyteller on the train back from Shelby to Chicago who also played 5 different flutes that he had carved. I am home but long to live in the West!

    • Marilyn, all your comments sound like you’ve just had a tremendously fun time!!! Sounds like a trip I would have enjoyed as well! I hope you have great photos and wonderful memories…

      • Thanks! I will be on cloud-9 for a long time! The events at the Calgary
        Stampede were so outstanding. And all that gorgeous scenery in the Banff-Lake Louise area and the glacier! And after 35+ years, I got to ride a horse again. I hope someday you can go. 🙂

  2. Do you leave that little gap at the bottom for air circulation in the summer? And is the rope tied down in the middle? I can’t tell if there is just a hand-hold at the end, and it just reaches the ground, or if it’s staked down.

  3. I’m very impressed with the tipis. Perhaps I’ve missed some posts. Is this on your land? Will you leave it up year round? Did you make the poles yourself? What is the covering made of and where do you get it? Sorry, this sounds more like an interrogation but I love it and can’t believe setting one up is as easy as your picks make it look. Great job ladies!

  4. Question: I’ve just watched a BBC TV programme on life on an Edwardian Farm. Every 6-8 weeks their horses ‘feet’ were checked. Hooves clipped, new shoes fitted if needed. So, what do you need to do to make sure all of your horses ‘feet’ are in good condition for the work they do on your ranch?

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