Rainstorms Dance

It looks like my tipi post has inspired some great questions… but I’ll give it a couple of more days for another question or two to come in as well!

Today we blasted our way over the mountain to Matthew’s dedication in Kaycee.  After church, Victoria hosted us at the park, with a great playground for 6 of the 7 cousins!  Actually, there were 4 other kids from Matt’s side of the family too… we livened the place up for a while!  Matthew was content to lay on the picnic table and let all other children scream and run and slide and swing and rock and climb.

Victoria served us all great food… she must have thought she was cooking for branding!  Good job, my dear!  It was DELISH!

Soon enough, we climbed the Big Horns once again… and watched the rainstorms dance across the Basin, headed home.




More questions for the Q&A session???? Write ’em down!



Rainstorms Dance — 4 Comments

  1. Question: You mention Matthew’s dedication. I don’t want to be nosy, but am wondering what a “dedication” is? What a full and fun life you live, and what a joy all of those grandkids must be.

  2. Question that you may have already answered, but I missed it. You posted about that hilarious (sorry bulls) post about those bulls’ equipment getting, uhm, broken. And you’ve also posted about AI. So do some cows receive AI and others the “real thing?” Or both? I’m sure I’m not using the correct terminology here, but hey, I grew up in orange groves, not a bull in sight. 🙂
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  3. Oh I do love cloud dancing and big sky photos. Thank you Carol. Could we have a mini video when you drive over the Big Horn Mountains, when the sky is dancing or painting her sunset, or when the change of season is in full colour?

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