Mornings lately have been filled with cowboying.  My boys have been working every day, bringing in our little bunches from different pastures, vaccinating the calves and then trailing them up to the Mesa Pasture.  I’ve been available some of those mornings since Longmire Days and the Kids’ Rodeo is now over…

Two days ago, here I was, playing “Spotter”.  We came up short a bull, so we rode to the top of a ridge to see what we could see.  Vernon spotted him.  Can you?

distanceWell, in this photo, Daniel and Vernon are both visible.  (double click the photo to enlarge)

This is why I buy a camera with a great ZOOM.  Let me help you.

closerSeeing the cowboys is easy.  Have you spotted the bull?  Only his head and shoulder are visible since he’s laying down.  That’s also why I’m staying behind as spotter.  If he took off, it’s easier for me to wave which direction he is and guide them on their pursuit.  It’s amazing how this many trees and uneven ground can hide a one ton bull.

closestHa!  Captured!



Captured — 5 Comments

  1. I tried!! I couldn’t even see the men and horses in the first picture!
    So it was fun to zoom in and finally be successful…as they were capturing the bull.

  2. Very cool stuff! I’ve always been amazed that you can round up as many as you do with all the places they can disappear! That lens is terrific.

  3. Thanks for the “Where’s Waldo?” morning quiz! I did spot him in the first picture – zoomed in a little, of course. But then, I’ve got a *little* experience with this game too. 🙂

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