Love a Few

I’d love a few prayers sent winging their way to Wyoming for my sister.  She is undergoing surgery today on her hip… long story, long night.  Thanks!


Love a Few — 12 Comments

  1. May all those caring for your sister have outstanding wisdom and skill, that the surgery goes without any complications; and may her recovery be full and speedy. I’ll be praying daily and looking for your updates.

  2. Love and prayers are on their way across the pond. Wisdom for your sister’s medical team, peace for her family, and a swift and pain free recovery.

  3. Sending heartfelt wishes for a perfect outcome of the surgery and a complete and speedy recovery for your sister, and calming thoughts for you.

  4. Carol I’m sending prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery for your sister and prayers of comfort for you.

  5. Many prayers for her and her nursing staff during recovery. I have a friend who had his right hip replaced last October. And tomorrow he has his left hip done. Diabetic – and not good….. So many many prayers!

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