So Tall

Cows to the mountain!

cattle drive

Short night, long day.  I ran the “chuck wagon” which is entirely weird for me… but that meant I got to use my big camera.  I always forget what better photos it takes!


I took Eden and Dally, and they were confused with me in the car not horseback… but when we hit the bogs… Eden didn’t care.  She LOVED chasing them out and I can make you a minute movie if I get a chance.

bog dogYou can’t hardly see her the grass is so tall!!!


For those of you who follow Red Dirt on Facebook or Twitter, you likely saw my request yesterday for prayers for my sister’s hip surgery.  I’m pleased to say her surgery was a success.  I’m not going to share lots of information without her permission, but it had to do with the freaky winds and impressive gusts yesterday.  Here at my house, I only had 49 mph, but people are reporting limbs and trees down, campers ruined, electricity cut off… with NOAA saying one report up in the mountains was consistent with 90-100 mph winds!  It was definitely wild there for a bit!



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  1. First, I’m so glad your sister’s surgery went well; I’ll keep praying for her complete recovery! Second, how shiny those cows are – I guess all the severe wind blew the dust off! haha!

  2. I made the mistake of taking my small digital camera, rather than the large one, on my recent trip to Yellowstone, the Tetons, and to Buffalo for Longmire Days. Disappointed on the quality of the pictures. Really enjoyed Longmire Days. The actors were so nice and friendly and Rob Taylor is both younger looking and better looking in person. Looked for you – Carol – at the Sunday night BBQ, but there were so many people there. I see from your pictures that you were there. I wanted to say Hi, and tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog.

  3. I’m so glad th hear that her surgery went well! Those wind storms can be devastating in Wyoming! We have learned in visiting other states, however, that even though WY is known for it’s wind, other states experience those too…like CO and TX!

  4. So very glad your sister’s surgery has gone well. When you mentioned using your big camera, I looked again at the photos. Not sure if it is just my eyes but the detail in the distance is very crisp and clear making for more great photos. As for wind, we’ve had a lot here and 2015 looks to be the windiest year for two decades. Are you sending it across the pond to us …… Or are we sending it to you!!

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