Nice Looking Men

I got sidetracked again… so still no video…

Here are two of my favorite photos from the other day…

My boys!



I *still* can’t get over the grass!

This morning I completed this… another sweetie!

zentangle LucasThis is for a tshirt contest for the English Shepherd Club.  They wanted art – although “art” is difficult to put on a tshirt in my experience!  Plus it’s just penciled, I wanted to ink over it, but my fine tipped sharpies are too big and I don’t have any fine micron pens.  I doubt it will win, it’s just too difficult to transfer to fabric, I imagine, but I sure had fun creating it anyway!  I even tried to share in its creation by using Periscope, but no one was interested in watching me draw!  This zentangle of Lucas includes our barn, since English Shepherds are “America’s Heritage Farm Dogs”.  It also has fields and hills and a fenceline to signify the livestock that ESs are born to work.  The “creek” could be for all those waterdogs out there or… perhaps scent on the wind… for those Search and Rescue dogs!  The Celtic like border is a nod to ES beginnings…  I am pretty happy with it, although I’d prefer it to be darker.  The deadline is tomorrow though, so this is what they get!

Nice looking men all around, wouldn’t you say?


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  1. I think the T-shirt art is beautiful!! You may be right about it not transferring well in pencil though. Too bad if it won’t, since that would make a great T-shirt.

    Very handsome sons you have!

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