Hay, Hay

hay fieldHay, hay.

Second cutting is finally underway.


It’s already the seventh of August… I have a couple of questions to answer… Anyone have any more????  Post them here!


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  1. Hi Carol,

    I was wondering how many hay cuttings you’re able to do between spring and fall? Do you grow a grass/alfalfa or grass/clover mixture in each field, or are the legumes and the grasses grown in separate fields? The “Time to Wash” post also made me wonder if the silty water comes from a surface stream or channel, or a well? There’s a lot involved in growing forage but it isn’t much talked about, so thanks for the opportunity to ask.

  2. how has the size of the ranch changed over the last 100 years ( just In general got bigger smaller broken up ect) also how do you decide what cows are sold each year and how many to sell

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