It was bound to happen… that aromatic whiff that gags you when your dog walks by…

The pitiful looks of not understanding when she is banished to the far reaches of the yard… (I wish!)

And finally, when the chance arises, the saving grace of DeSkunking Shampoo!

Step One:  Gather your ingredients.  One quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda, two teaspoons of mild liquid soap.  Water.

deskunk shampoo

Step Two:  Don’t forget the pitiful dog.

skunky dogStep Three:  You might want to check that she is actually wearing a collar.  I found an old one since a) Eden lost hers last month while gathering cows b) She has never had a bath before, and physical restraint may be in her immediate future.  Mix ingredients and apply.

skunk dogStep Four: Lo and behold, I have a SWEETHEART of a dog.  She stood like she gets baths all the time, perhaps the decrease in smell was an incentive for her too!  Well, at least, until the cold water from the hose was applied, but it didn’t take much to get her to stand and let me rinse her off.

wiggleStep Five:  Wiggle that tail-less butt dry!

pretty dogStep Six:  Enjoy your Dog Scented Dog once again.  Enjoy the extra whiteness of her Irish collar, it’ll last about one day… Even the old blue collar looked much better, though I think it will disappear… it seems to weigh her down! She’s still not in my house, there’s still a slight aura about her, but I least I can stand to be next to her!  Maybe a refresher bath tomorrow?  This time I might leave it on a bit longer or wash that long muzzle!

Please don’t find that skunk again, Eden, you’re much too sweet to smell so bad!


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  1. Poor doggie! She did look pitiful, but seemed to “know” that she desperately needed this bath! I remember the first time we three siblings (as kids) tried to give out dog a bath outside, we took off her collar. After a few minutes of soap and water she took off and ran the neighborhood
    with her soapy coat. It took us forever to find her, collar her, and get her home. Ah, those memories.

    Eden looks wonderful now. Thanks for the photo illustrations.

  2. Poor Eden, good girl, lovely pup. Beautiful eyes and face. Oh and I love seeing a dog at its perfect, healthy weight! (Of course, having a svelte body is easy when you’re young, sigh…) 😉
    Speaking of baths and soap and smells, here’s another Q for your Q&A: You said that sweetgrass is one of your favorite scents, and at one point you sold felted sweetgrass soap… Do you plan to create and sell more felted soaps in the future?

  3. Wow, what a good girl. I’m impressed that washing her was not like trying to wash a moving car! It will be interesting to see/hear what the refresher bath will be like, but then she likes to bet cows out of mud holes.

  4. I was just wondering how well that mixture works, since there’s at least one skunk making itself at home around here lately. Thanks for the tutorial! She did so good. 🙂

  5. every time they get a bit wet a bit of the smell is still there. if she got it in her mouth her breath will be bad for a while also. My Aussie refused to back down from that skunk, even getting it full in the mouth he was determined to get that invader and every spray just made him madder lol. good times…not.
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