Some Success

I spent part of my afternoon trying to figure out my GoPro camera.  Some of you have said you thought I needed one, but I have one!  I just don’t use it because a) I don’t know how b) the screen is so flipping tiny I can’t see what I’m doing c) the battery life stinks d) I haven’t taken the time.

I have figured out how to make it and my iPad talk so I can see what I’m doing…

I have found out you can hook it up to usb to keep from draining your battery, and the best cable setup seems to be next on my Amazon list.

I put together a video of branding (yup, it’s been THAT long since I used it) although it isn’t time lapse, and I thought I was getting time lapse!  I’m not really sure where the video is.  It’s not on Vimeo on my station, and although the project is saved, the movie isn’t “clickable” so I’m not sure if it didn’t make or just didn’t upload… Ah, the joys of figuring out technology!

I then spent some time watching time lapse videos on YouTube… and I currently have my camera outside, trying to catch the night sky.  We will see if that works!  I should just take pics with an open lens and try to capture some meteors… I’ll have to see if my little GoPro can do that or fork over more money and get the remote for my camera that will let me do it that way!

You may, in fact, be treated to a GoPro movie soon… Cows to move tomorrow… we will see if I can have some success!

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  1. Just when I think I’m the only one with technology issues, then I read someone else’s technology issues and . . . AAGGG! There are days when I think we were all better off without it.

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