No such luck on the night time lapse on my GoPro… TOO DARK!  I’ll have to figure that out…

Took time lapses on the mountain today, but I’m still recharging the camera, so I’m not sure if they worked.  I CANNOT see the display without my reading glasses, so it’s so frustrating if I want to change something because of clouds or bright sun…

I had the camera strapped to my chest, so I want to see if all you see is through Panama’s ears…

But, neverfail, I brought my usual camera along.

holding herdWe arrived before lunch, and while we were eating, most of the cows came to the gate.  They were ready to leave, I guess.  We turned them through and I held them in the stockdrive lane while the boys rode the pasture for the ones who didn’t get the memo!

DallyI played with my camera…

Eden softEden in “soft focus”.  She’s at my left stirrup, just like her late Great Aunt!  I like that, but she has a tendency to get TOO CLOSE or UNDERNEATH my horse, attempting to lay in the shade.  Dumb idea, Eden, you’re gonna get stepped on or get your head kicked in… My reins aren’t quite long enough to discourage this!  She does it quietly too… and I have to remember to look where she is before I move my horse… VERY IRRITATING.

Not “working” gave me the opportunity to try for some good dog photos…  and I really like this one!  No cropping!  What luck!

sic emUnexpectedly, there’s more riding tomorrow… we’ll see if I can GoPro again!


Any more questions for the Q&A Session?


Neverfail — 5 Comments

  1. Exciting GoPro prospects! I wish you success and no more frustration with the technology side… Your banner photo is fantastic!

  2. No questions to ask, but I certainly enjoyed the photos. A large whack if my life has been spent yarding cattle, although always on foot rather than horseback. Your dogs are better trained than mine: Labradors have many good qualities, but cattle dogs they aren’t!

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