My Agenda

My lists?  My agendas?  yeah… well…

Moving heifers this morning instead!

A morning stroll along the creek.

NowoodChecking out the local geology…

geologyConversing with wildlife…

muskratOh, yeah… and moving heifers…


Last call for questions!!!  Post ’em here!


My Agenda — 4 Comments

  1. How about snakes in your part of the country? Do you have problems with them and your dogs/cattle/horses/people? What about wolves? Do they ever attack livestock just for the heck of it or, if you have any, attack just for food? Any big cats hanging around?

  2. Is that a beaver you were “conversing” with. Was that a beaver dam next to it? I know you have rabbits, skunks, deer, elk and squirrels. What other critters do you have?

  3. A “river” of heifers! Looks like they were pretty cooperative, at least on this stretch. No more question(s) from me (for now), but my wish for you for clear skies tonight: Perseids…!

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