Happy Dog

OK, when it takes me 45 minutes to get this far… to type these first words… it ain’t gonna be a long post!  Obviously, my computer is having some difficulties…  too many photos perhaps???

So, short and sweet.

Idaho’s wildfire smoke has arrived, making for ugly skies except for sunrise and sunset.

I rode along to put salt out on the mountain today… so did Eden and Lucas.  Eden quite enjoyed herself… front seat riding, dirt roads, fantastic smells, great views…

Remember, let your ears fly in the wind – you’ll be a Happy Dog!

happy dog


Happy Dog — 6 Comments

  1. Love to see Eden’s coat – much longer fur on her neck than Taffy had. Taffy had some cute curls and a medium length coat. Hope you get your computer working faster – I’ve spent a good amount of time today removing pictures from mine.

  2. Love those ears. Too cute! We’ve had smoke here for a while too. When it’s not too thick, it makes the rolling hills look Amazing, along with the sunsets. It’s so dry here! I think the nearest fire was started by a lawn mower. Too dry to use one, but someone did so anyway. I’ve never lived somewhere before where things like mowing lawns were restricted because of fire danger.

  3. The smoke can make for some gorgeous sunsets however. When I drove by your place last year, I remember it being red and hazy a bit, but an incredible sunset. Hope your air quality stays decent.

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