Oh, My

Given the choice between laundry, changing sheets on the beds, or a trip up the mountain to put out salt… it’s not very hard to guess which one I chose this afternoon…

Someday my house will be clean… but not today!

This time we even went over to the “back side” of the pasture.  That meant putting salt and mineral out by the aspen patch…

aspen patchGrass looks good over here, too…  And, as usual, we drove under our “Fossil Butte”.

fossil butte“We should climb that again soon.  We haven’t for a while.”

“We’ve got time today.”

climbJust squeeze through here…

Oh.  Oh, my.

What views.


Happy Anniversary, Vernon!


Oh, My — 18 Comments

  1. Beautiful pictures! Thank you! I’d be out there enjoying that countryside with my two Labs. House cleaning can wait until the snow flys.

  2. Ditto! what a wonderful day of enjoying the varied views. I am happy to see Lucas’s watchful presence, too. All beautiful photos. What is all the orange on the rocks? lichen?

  3. My house would never be clean & laundry would only be done on an “if needed ” schedule if I lived there. Life is way ,way too unpredictable to not spend our time doing what we enjoy .

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