Ancient Treasures

Dr. Larry Lowendorf knows pictographs and petroglyphs.  I think I could follow him around and just absorb so much!  His discussion on Saturday was only and hour and a half long… but I was ready to go all day.

I was happy to find that what I had shared with Ten Sleep’s summer school kids was correct, but I learned a few things!

First, when I do this again… I want to take a laser pointer!  See the green dot???  Yes!  You can point specifically at spots on the wall.  Duh.

laserThat would help SOOOO much!

The coolest thing I learned?  D Stretch.  Aka, Decorrelation Stretch to enhance digital photographs.  Basically, it’s a process that helps you define faded and almost non existent pictographs.  What has faded isn’t necessarily gone!  That’s cool!  Follow the link and it will show you good examples…

Here’s one Dr. Lowendorf shared…  Note the tall figure on the left side photo.

pictographNow here it is in real life.  Look closely at the charcoal/smoky smudge off center towards the right.  The Tall Man’s bottom half is barely visible, as is the six legged spider thingy!  You can’t even see the horned little man on the left.  (I said hornED)


FYI, the photo above with the green laser point on it??? It used to look like the right hand pic on the paper above.

The I-never-saw-that award goes to this panel.

panelLoaded with figures of all types, right?  Well, if you zoom in… and look for finer etched figures ON TOP of the older ones… you will see…

conquistadoresConquistadors?  Look for fine lines… click on the image to make it bigger…

This may help, but it is hard to see in my photo…

conquistThat is pretty neat, and something I hadn’t ever seen before.  There’s much more to the scratchings, of course, but that gives you an idea of these ancient treasures!



Ancient Treasures — 5 Comments

  1. This was very cool! wish I had been there…I saw some of these petroglyphs near Laramie 40 years ago, but the “extras” you shared were terrific. Now, yesterday, I spent the day at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto viewing the exhibit on “Pompeii” which you have thoroughly enjoyed! The artifacts and detailed information on their civilization was unforgettable.

  2. How blessed you are to have been with a professional and learn so very much. I’m jealous. WOW WOW WOW. I would have wanted to spend the day with him too.

  3. My dad used to have a ranch in New Mexico that included a State section and that section had a big Indian ruin on it and some nearby bluffs had pictographs on them that I loved to look at and study! (Well, until I found the rattlesnake den, that is!) ☺

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