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Gah!  I’m SO disgusted with myself!  I wanted to enter some photos in Casper’s Wild West Photo Fest like I did a couple of years ago… and I kept thinking the entries were due the last of August.  I looked at the form today, and the deadline was yesterday.  I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF!  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Note to self: DON’T PROCRASTINATE.

It’s a great contest… they don’t own your photo for entering like the majority of contests do… Their desire is to help promote your photography… but, they won’t be helping me out this year… ugh.

I will be kicking myself for days over this one.


I picked the boys up from moving equipment around…

balerDrove by some irrigated fields…



Johnny has loaned me a box of Very Old Photos.  The majority of pics have no names on the back, so I’m not sure if they’re relatives or visiting friends…  Some are over 100 years old, and it’s amazing how you can recognize a fence or the slope of a certain hill… some buildings are easy…

cowboysNo names on this one either… but the bunkhouse is still pretty much the same.  Here it is today as I drove by…

bunkhouseAnd this girl?

wooly chapsI don’t know her name either, there’s like 6 pics of her all wearing those woolly chaps.  Johnny still has those woolly chaps that belonged to his uncle… I’ve coveted them for years, wishing they were hanging on my living room wall!

I fell in love with some of the photos… old brandings, horses, threshing, familiar scenes… but most are little 2″ x 3″ pics.  What would you recommend doing?  Scanning and trying to enlarge and frame some together?  Frame the small ones anyway?  What else could I do?  I have to get them back to Johnny soon, so let me know your ideas.  I think I would like to hang some on my wall *somehow*!  What have you done with old photos??????


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  1. I *love* old photographs like those. I know that old-time photos were as posed as today’s are photoshopped, but I love the thought of that single moment being frozen in time forever, yet while the people in them went on living, doing, working and being. It’s a beautiful thing.
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  2. In addition to framing, maybe use Picaboo or a similar service to make books for your children and grandchildren, maybe interspersed with your own pictures of some of the structures and vistas. The ones you shared hint to a treasure trove on your hands!
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  3. I think a good idea would be to scan, enlarge and hang frameless – like on a canvas of some sort and then do a photo wall. Your bunkhouse would make a great “ranch museum”. Being on the museum board – we would love to have a collection of “Greet Ranch” photos to use as a temporary display to advertise and bring in more visitors. Or select varying photos – one (wolly chap photo) to print in the Tribute and ask for help in identifying them. You never know who may see that photo and know exactly who it is. Many eyes make for better chance of identification…

  4. Ahh yes. What to do with old photos. My brother in law is scanning all photos. Me!!! I’m putting some in albums, others in year envelopes and trashing many of the ‘nice views’ if I have no idea where they are. Lots of my parents photos were never dated but once in a while you find a gem of a photo. We need to keep the best for future generations, printed or scanned. So I would scan the ones you like and then later you can arrange and print them.

  5. I too, have many old photos from my great-great grandparents (c. 1860 & newer) I scanned them in at 600-dpi .tif files using an Epson scanner. I can then print them out at whatever size I want. Many of the 2 X 3 photos are blurry (camera shake) when enlarges too much but look fine at 3 X 5 or 4 X 6. Back in those days they didn’t have all the new tech we have today to prevent shake. I know my scan settings make needing a large external hard drive a must but on many of my photos I only get one shot at scanning them because I don’t want the bright lights of the scanner to ruin the originals (tin types, egg albumen, etc). This works for me. If you find something better, let me know. I’m always open to new ideas.

  6. I would scan and save them all at a high quality. Then you should be able to print what you want in larger sizes, if that’s what you decide. If you save them on the computer, then you can look though them all again later, or share with us, or both. 😀

  7. I arranged several different sizes on my scanner, about 8 pictures in all, and printed it out. I put it in a frame. It looks good. I tried to have a theme of sorts.

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