Big Trails Dispatch

Unfortunately, I had the chance to be Big Trails Dispatch once again.  A small lightning storm blew through just after supper, with a few nice CRAAAAACKS on top of us.  When the phone rings about two minutes later… your first response is “craaaaaaap”.  (Sorry about the vulgarity there…)  The guys soon rolled on to the fire, with Ten Sleep and Worland following as backup.  Vernon requested I go sit on The Hill to keep an eye out if more fires popped up.

Once again, as I’m fourwheeling my Durango through the rocks and sagebrush to plant myself on the tallest hill around amidst the lightning storms… I question my sanity.  I have my camera, binoculars, and borrowed cell phone in hand, accompanied for protection from Big Foot and rabid wolves by my tiny little sidekick, Eden.  Lucas would be the logical one to bring for protection, but he’s cowering in my house.  Eden was ready, willing, and able.

Victoria and family are here for the holiday weekend, so she’s at home with the radio, handling phone calls if necessary.  One of the twins is CRAZY about firetrucks, so when this was all going down, he was ready to help, lending some advice (we need to put water on the fire), and just thrilled that Grandpa and Uncle Daniel and Uncle Brandon were all going to go put out the fire.  He wanted to go along pretty bad, but we think age 3 is still a tad too young…

I tried for some lightning photos but failed.

I tried to spot more fires if they’re out there, but failed.

The storms eased up, I called it quits, and came home to the details of the fire.

It’s only 10 acres, thanks to our neighbor’s and everyone’s quick response.  We will continue to watch it, plus watch the skies for more smoke tomorrow, in case any fire is smoldering, waiting for the right conditions.

Since there aren’t any lightning photos… here’s some pretty innocent looking clouds this afternoon…



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  1. Good Lord, what a night for you. I was just reading a Montana blogger on the fires up there – glad that things stayed calm there for you.

    I love that the 3yo was so keen to help go fight the fire! The emergency services here in Victoria have some great stuff for kids if you think he’d like any of it – the fire service kids website is at, and the SES (who I’m with) is at Hope he enjoys 🙂
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    • Oh, that was an easy night. The tougher ones are when the guys are out fighting it and I can’t listen in on the radio, or be there, or know ANYTHING. The worst was three years ago when we lost one of our pastures. I lost my temper on that one… long story! But thanks for the links, I’ll pass them along!

  2. I remember the pictures you have posted of some astounding lightning shows.
    Hope everything is under control today. And yes, I think any dog that is not afraid of thunder is EXTRA special!! Go, Eden. 🙂

  3. Speaking of fires, what happened with the Ten Sleep fire station? I remember it burning down but haven’t seen (or have missed) any followup on their situation.

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