Skyline Rainbow

Again.  Smoke.

Right by Rome Hill Road… and the boys take off.  Vernon stays at home, just in case.  Half an hour later… smoke about two miles away.  Off he goes.  The boys get alerted they might need to leave the other fire, where there are other tankers and fighters and come back closer to home where it’s just Vernon and a neighbor in a 1950’s jeep.

I decide to return to The Hill and see what I can see.

Which is nothing.

Which is good.

That means, even with this afternoon’s blustery-ness, the fires aren’t really overly willing to burn, because they could just GO with this wind.  Half an hour later, I’m satisfied… and decide to come back home.

The guys are home by ten or so… ready to fall into bed.

I was blessed with a teeny present before I left my lookout… just the smallest of rainbows on the skyline.



Skyline Rainbow — 4 Comments

  1. So pleased everyone is ok. Lovely way to end your watch out, seeing that rainbow. Kids back at school tomorrow, so sun is coming back to visit us and we may get to 70F. Yippee!!!!!. Have a good holiday weekend. My US friend is knitting and catching up with Longmire over the weekend. 🙂

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