Labor Day Weekend

While the Labor Day weekend has been full of company and activities, most pics have been of the grandkids whose photos I can’t post!

There’s wading in the creek and sweeping “roads” in the dust on the shop’s concrete floor.  There’s riding in the Rhino and fighting with your brother.   There’s riding on the Row Cart and getting pushed on the trike by your brother. (The one you just walloped on the head a few minutes before!)  There’s picking tomatoes and corn and drawing with sidewalk chalk.  There’s playing with letters in the studio and reading Thomas the Tank Engine at bedtime.  There’s peanut butter and jelly and grapes and popsicles and hotdogs. There’s visiting the bum calf and breathing some good “cow germs” and gathering eggs while keeping an eye out for the rooster.  There’s playing with cousins and falling into bed exhausted.

Just another few days on the ranch!

I hope your Labor Day weekend was just as full and fun as theirs was!


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