Another day of library work… nothing too special there.

But today was the premiere of Season Four of my favorite television show on Netflix, and I just had to watch tonight!  If you’ve followed me very long, you know I’m a fan of Craig Johnson who writes the Walt Longmire book series.  I tried to find my photos of him the first time he talked at the Ten Sleep Library which was in March of 2009.  I didn’t have any success with that.  I’m not sure if we had 10 people there or not.  Now he’s a New York Times best selling author and creative consultant on Longmire, the tv show based on his characters.

I always try to promote his books… they’re extremely well written, and he does a great job reflecting life in modern Wyoming, his sense of humor has made me laugh out loud and choke on my drink, and he’s a Nice Guy, too.

The television show also is a winner, with great plot and story lines and acting and even though it’s filmed in New Mexico… they do portray Wyoming fairly well!

People tell me they don’t read.  (Which blows my mind… I can’t imagine!  Betcha they spend time reading Facebook – and really? You admit it???)  They tell me they’re not interested in westerns. (just because it’s based in Wyoming and the Sheriff wears a hat, does not make it a western like Louis L’Amour)  They’re not into random, violent shows. (Well, me neither, there’s enough bad stuff in real life on the news, especially lately.  But Walt Longmire is different.  Trust me on this.)  And though they may not say it aloud, I can see them thinking, “How can I relate to a book/tv show based in Wyoming?????”

Good Grief.

Then how can we relate to Dr. Zhivago, or Jane Austen, or Don Quixote?  They’re also great stories where the setting is almost a character in themselves.  THAT excuse is lame.  We’re people with faults and desires and enviable qualities, and each character that Craig writes about has those. We relate to the people, shaped as they are by their environment, but still, to the PEOPLE.

I challenge you to take up The Cold Dish, the first Walt Longmire book… or sign up for Netflix (right now your first month is free!) and start watching Season One THIS WEEKEND!  Then you get on the comment section and tell me how you liked it, (or even if you didn’t – I can handle conflicting opinions!), but TRY THIS.  The books don’t hurt the tv show, and the tv show won’t ruin the books, so feel free to try both.

I think you’ll be hooked… or at least, understand my obsession with this quality show.

PLEASE, no spoilers in the comment section!  Don’t ruin plot lines for everyone else!

(My thanks go out to Netflix for reviving the show when A&E cancelled it…)



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  1. Hello, I’m way under you, down here a long way. I agree with absolutely everything you say and now am looking forward to another season in my neck of the woods. I don’t know if we are kept up to date with the American season as so many of our TV series are sometimes years behind, others are right up to date. I think we are up to date as I have watched maybe for three years. Anyway you’ve given me hope that there may be something worthwhile to watch on the box soon.

  2. I found the books first, thanks to you, and LOVED them. I’ve never been to Wyoming, but I still love the books. I usually don’t like TV/movie adaptations of books, but Longmire is so incredibly good! Haven’t started the new season yet, but will. So glad Netflix picked it up. And if you ever have a chance to attend a Craig Johnson book signing, GO! He’s delightful!

  3. I stumbled upon the tv show first, got hooked, realized there was a book series, rejoiced, and continue to love them both in spite of their differences. Try the show first if you’re new to both. You will love hearing Robert Taylor’s wonderful voice in your head as you read Walt’s dialogue.

  4. Amen to all you say about Longmire. The books and TVShow. Love ’em all. Up to # 5 of books and S2E4 again (3rd or 4th time) BECAUSE Netflix are NOT streaming Lomgmire across the pond. We have to wait for TCM/5USA to show S4 sometime in October. Until then it will be reruns and another book:-).

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