The sunshine met us early this morning.

Panama sunThis jaunt revealed no elk this time around… although I heard one way off in the distance… and at one point their musky odor surrounded me…

no elkI continued through my favorite aspen patch… only a few leaves are golden yellow…


Although the calves didn’t realize it, this was their last day with momma.  But what a wonderful day!

calfBefore they knew it, the semis arrived, and in short order, the calves were loaded and hauled down the mountain.

semisWe made it off just in time for a good rain shower.  Tess and I watched from the pickup as the guys helped unload.  We’re really sweet, y’know?  Gotta stay out of the rain!

homeAnother day of weaning is now complete!


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  1. Carol, I really hate to ask this but what happens to the Calves? Are they sold for breeding or are they sold for food ? you know I’m just a city girl who gets awfully attached to the animals ha ha . i have to keep reminding myself that you’re actually in the cattle business

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