Wordless Wednesday – “Words”

“For the want of a nail, the shoe was lost…”

I’m in Cheyenne, at the Wyoming Library Association meeting.  This year it is held in conjunction with the Mountain Plains Library Association meeting.  There are more librarians walking around here than you can shake a book at!

Our Evening Reception was held over at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Museum.  The food was great, the displays fascinating.  I took many a picture of old wagons, stagecoaches and carts.  That’s when the nail comes into the story…

To hook my camera up to my ipad takes an adapter, one that I took with me up the mountain last weekend.  The little buggar is hiding somewhere and he’s good at it!  I have photos, but no way to attach them to my blog.  So, I can tell you of the great artwork and wagons and interactive materials and movies and quirky displays, but… Alas… I have no way to share my photos through my ipad.


Perhaps there’s time for a shopping trip tomorrow!  Got to have it by then… I’m seeing a buddy of mine here tomorrow night and I want to share pics!  No photos doesn’t make for an interesting photo blog!

“and all for the want of a nail.”




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