First full day at the joint Wyoming Library Association and Mountain Plains Library Association meeting, and, as usual, it’s been enjoyable.  Our opening keynote was Scott Ginsburg and he had us laughing and having “aha! moments” as well.

My cohorts and I then split to attend various sessions, me, to storytelling, the legislative luncheon, and event planning.  Then tonight, inspirational librarians received recognitions along with a buddy of mine.  Longmire author, Craig Johnson, was awarded the MPLA’s Literary Contribution Award.  Yay, Craig!  We chatted up a bit, took some more photos, and left him to his admiring audience.

Tomorrow is half a day of the same… Networking… Laughing… Listening… And sending ripples. We’re all just rocks splashed into a pond, never knowing where our ripples will end or how it will affect others.


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  1. Sounds like a fun and enriching experience; and a great way to make new contacts. Hope the guys back on the ranch can get along without you!

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