my computer is at a standstill.  I have a new external harddrive, but I’m cleaning up so many photos off of the old one, that is reminds me of the old days!  You know, have something else to work on while waiting for the little whirlygig to stop spinning!

my ipad is giving me warnings that its memory is almost full.  And I delete more music, though I barely have any, and more photos… I have few apps, but I guess I will have fewer.

needless to say, it’s 11:20 and I started trying to write at 10.  I’m getting pretty sick of this, and I think nothing is more frustrating than computer issues.

I apologize for the lack of capitalization, and the whining, but, argh! I need a computer person, so I can be the happy go lucky, artistic, neveryouworry soul I yearn to be! Maybe tomorrow I will have time to talk to Apple about formatting my new hard drive!  And all my photos will be sorted, burned, deleted, transferred and cleaned up!  Well, it SOUNDS like a plan…


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  1. Ok….this is my best info in regards to having a plan it getting started w/ the computer mess. This came from a then maybe 3 to 4 year old little cousin who had yet to master many consonants in his speech. He was, from that age, short of leg and large of hat, and always, ALWAYS had a rope in his hands. Rope as in lasso. He was instructing a much older cousin, as in adult, how to rope.
    “Fust,” he lisped, ” youse gots to build youse a woop.” He then proceeded to twirl his lasso until he’d built a loop much larger than you can imagine. He competed in the Pendleton Roundup this year, so it was obviously good advice.

    So, Carol, there is your plan…fust you gots to……………. And then frow youse woop.

  2. So sorry Carol. We, who have these darn things called computers, are always having issues. Hang in there, it will get better. We, who are your fans will be waiting.

  3. Technie things – THE NUMBER ONE FRUSTRATING THING – for sure. We’ve all been there. Hang in there, Carol!! The little whirlygig is temporary.

  4. Ohhhhh I am so with you on this issue. When I was at work there were always lots of techie guys around to give advice. Now there is just me (limited digital knowledge ), son in law ( lots if digital knowledge ) and Google . I upgraded to Windows 10 at 9am, it failed at 92%, then sorted itself out OK until it wanted my password. Then there was a lot of stressing, some chocolate, more stressing, then lunch, then I tried again and all was well. That was at 4pm!!! The laptop will be running out of space eventually. I guess at 5.5 years old I may have to look for another!!!!!

  5. Funny, I am having the same issues….I have 10s of 1000s and photos (maybe more -!) and my computer is sputtering under the load and hard drive is always full, and I have FOUR external hard drives that I try to use to backup on, but I don’t know where anything is anymore. My iPad is old and doesn’t even have enough memory for the newest iOS, and my iPhone (you probably don’t have a cellphone because I’ve been where you live, and service is pretty rare most places LOL!) is alway warning me I’m out of memory….*sigh*. Tech issues are the worst, I agree!

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