Oh, Look!

My computer wants to play nice tonight!!!  Things aren’t whirring and jiving, so, WHEEEEEEEEE!

My SD card is off to the expert, I decided I needed to be happy and quit stressing and let some pro handle things, so I’m hoping K. will get my photos back.

I’m enjoying my good luck and will post a few pics from last week.  Same place, same cows, preg testing and NOT weaning, but… hey…

Celebrate with me by enjoying some interesting cropped photos…

RosinRosin with his mane full of wild licorice burrs.

JohnnyJohnny supervising the sorting.


Jaxon was part of our audience.

learningQuinlan is learning from his dad.


doneDone for the day.

(Whew!  You don’t know how happy this post made me!  Let’s hope this continues… But hey,  it’s OCTOBER.  Let’s do a Question and Answer session!!!  Do you have a question for me?  Post it here, and I’ll answer it!  Do it now…)



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  1. What made you choose to run black angus? And how do the black angus differ in maintenance & calving vs. other breeds or the baldies?

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