Lone Tree

lone treeElk and deer season traffic has begun.  There’s lots of money in those rigs!  If only I had a quarter for every… four-wheeler, side by side, 5th wheel, tent, rifle, and cooler… and cans of beer…

The weather here continues to be spectacular… highs in the ’70’s today… pretty hot for this time of year.

The past few days have been spent with lots of miscellany, but tomorrow and the next day will be cow work once again… so more “ranch – action” photos for those of you who are fans of cows and horses and dogs!

Obviously, that means I won’t get to a Q&A session in the next few days, which also means you have more days to submit questions!  C’mon, you know you have one!


Lone Tree — 3 Comments

  1. You no doubt have heard of the raging fire North of Casper that has been raging since Saturday going East that has destroyed Edness Wilkins Park and evacuated many, also burned homes in the Cole Creek area. Animals in danger have been put in stalls on the fairgrounds here, people in the Student Union Building on the college campus. We have a 30×50′ building just off of Cole Creek Road that may have burned down. No one can go out there to see how their property is until 4:00 this afternoon.

  2. Extra traffic starts around 4am and continues all day. Our poor critters have lost their hiding spots because of fires. Was hoping for a closed season. Money talks!!!! Plus, we now have blue tongue. So sick and dying deer.

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