Windy Ride

Definitely a windsday on a Sunday…  at times it seemed as if Panama staggered with the wind gusts!  I managed to keep my hat on with my hoodie pulled up tight over it, though many a time today our heads were bent into the wind trying to keep our caps on.  I saw Vernon tuck his cap into his pocket for a while, and Daniel flipped his around once with the bill towards the back.  I didn’t see Brandon much but I bet he was struggling like us to keep our baseball hats on!

There was a crispness to the air, but it definitely wasn’t cold, THANK GOODNESS!

Eden was Dog of the Day… and I’ll have to do a post just on her… She’s getting better!  She’s definitely a pooped pup tonight, and we go again at first light.

Brandon was the lucky one who managed to have 20 head of elk walk past him, but I saw a tree fall!  Really.  I was looking across a canyon and a dead pine just tipped over in the wind.  Yes… it made a whoooomp! when it landed, too!  I have never see one fall.  I count that as cool.  Daniel and I saw something we thought might be elk, but decided they must be horses far away running up the ridgeline.  “They didn’t look very elk-y”, Daniel said.  “Oh, a technical term?  Elk-y?”, I retorted.  “Well, it has to be elk-y because it’s too hard to say wapiti-y!”  That guy cracks me up!

Anyway… some scenery from the day…

far away DanielDouble click on the photo, and you can see tiny little Daniel and Tuff in the bottom of the draw…

earsLife between the ears is a hashtag on Instagram… this one will show up there soon!

aspenA little color is left in the aspens…


Any more questions??? Post them now.  Q&A coming soon.


Windy Ride — 4 Comments

  1. I was in Dubois this last summer. There was a young grizzly bear traveling through the edge of town. Locals said they are extending their range. Have you had any encounters with them or an increase in their population in the vicinity of your ranch?

  2. I’m glad fire wasn’t raging there with that wind as it has been in Casper! The fire started Saturday and continued through last night! Thousands of acres have been burned in North Natrona County. Many evacuated and homes lost. We had been told we could go back to our oroperty at 4:00 yesterday but the fire picked up again and so no one could go back! Hopefully today. Animals have been lost in this rage! Way sad.

  3. How did the plastic tags work for weaning Brandon’s calves? I was telling Joe about it yesterday, but have either missed the blog saying how it worked, or you haven’t mentioned it yet 🙂


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