Hunting Cat

Hunter Fest is an annual event held the day before Opening Day of Deer Season.  You know, the biggest holiday in October, right???  Free hamburgers, pop, tshirts… a raffle or two… and the most enjoyable for me, Wyoming author, Cat Urbigkit!

Although she was just here for One Book Wyoming, Cat thought she’d promote her newest book, When Man Becomes Prey (affiliate link).  She shared the booth with the Washakie County Library Foundation.  They were selling raffle tickets for a Longmire poster.  It was the cover of Cowboys and Indians magazine with Robert Taylor on it, framed quite nicely with an autographed Wyoming license plate below it.  Gee, I wonder who stood around and stalked those actors for HOURS getting those signatures???  (Best news there?  My SISTER won it!!!  So I can visit it quite regularly!!!)


Anyway… we love having Cat here…  I get to paint the door of the library…


and chat about everything under the sun… dogs, predators, ranching, stories…

then Someone got silly… and turned her signs into prisoner ID numbers.

I don’t know how that happened, but evidently it was too much for Cat…

prisonersI am NOT sharing the most hilarious, because there were many, many more… but I’d hate for those to get out on the internet and ruin the distinguished persona of this year’s One Book Wyoming author.

Let me say this… if Cat Urbigkit comes to your community, you might want to hunt her up… She’s a kick!



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  1. Love the library door painting. How lucky is your sister to have won the Longmire poster. Yes I can see you will need to visit and admire often:-)

  2. Off topic, but a serious question for The Expert in all things bovine: Can a cow actually eat a tire, can she really chew and swallow the rubber? My theory was that at some point the tire in this blogger’s video may have held minerals for the cows, as you have explained and shown to us. Still, it looks weird and has everybody wondering. If you feel like answering, perhaps you’d like to do so directly on Carson’s website (and maybe “pick up” one or the other of her readers?). road/

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