Just a Hike

Company’s gone, Harvest Dinner is over… and what did I do this evening????  I just vegged.  Or is it veged?  Anyway, I didn’t do a thing!

Should I have?  Sure.  I could have been creative or cleaned or folded clothes or something… but I didn’t… and I didn’t make an Eden video or answer questions.  So, I either fail or I enjoyed my day of rest!

Victoria and I did take the boys on a hike up the Big Red Rock, the signature formation that lies at the entrance to the home place.  I guess I should get points for that, though Victoria deserves twice as much because she climbed with Matthew on her back in a pack and with a very sore, possibly broken, toe!  We scrambled around yucca and cactus, slid in the sandy soil, and passed Matthew in the backpack by hand up and over the last boulders at the top!

It’s a great view from there.  We took a few family photos, then wandered back down on the trail instead of steep rocks!


Maybe tomorrow I can complete things on my to-do list…


Just a Hike — 6 Comments

  1. I LOVE LOVE…looking at old photos. Mostly of places I will probably never travel to, and ones that show tons of history… awesome!! and thanks

  2. What beautiful country you showed us in that photo! The climb was worth it, thanks. And do not feel bad about taking a day of rest–you deserve it, and will be better for it!! IMHO!

  3. Photo of beautiful, I consider it a gift, so, thank you!

    Hope Harvest Dinner went well and you made millions….ok, hundreds would be really fine, too.

    Take it is easy on yourself….a day of rest is not a day of failure.

  4. That’s my motto! Why do today, what I can put off until tomorrow? I think you enjoyed some much deserved time off, it was definitely NOT a fail!

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