Spent the afternoon with the guys and a neighbor looking over his place.  I LOVE seeing new country, and it was torture driving through gorgeous country and not stopping every bit to take photos!    Today the weather acted stormy with a 20% chance of rain… and you could look down the slope of the Big Horns and see exactly who was getting that 20%!

stormsLight was fleeting, dipping the grass in a golden glow one moment and fading to cool grey the next.  The aspens were past their prime, but a few held on desperately to their last yellow leaves.

aspenI couldn’t help myself, I had passed by so many opportunities for photos, that when we returned past this old sheepwagon, I asked if I could stop finally!

sheepwagonI took a couple dozen photos quickly, trying not to take too much time.

The guys kept talking…

talkingand I kept shooting…

sheepwagonI could have spent the afternoon here… and sure enough, three minutes after we left, the sunshine broke through in that soft artistic light that I love so much, and I wonder what I could have done with that glow!

I enjoyed this trip… our neighbor knows an amazing amount of history, and I would have loved to record our conversation, though most of it would have been difficult to hear as side by sides aren’t made for quiet!  Thanks for the tour, D.!


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  1. There’s just something rejuvenating about seeing new country! Thanks for the tour. And, by the way, I forgot to say that I like the antelope picture that you have above this month’s stories.

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