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I had fun doing a photo op with Daniel and Tess and kids… Jaxon is soon to be THREE, yes, THREE… so it was a good time to do this!  I lost the light soon after I arrived unfortunately, but, eh, they don’t look too bad!

LaceeMiss Lacee

JaxonJaxonThe soon to be Birthday Boy!

leavesmonkeysThe ones that crack me up…

blessedThe one where I know I’m blessed…

Thanks for letting me share…


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  1. Beautiful family and beautiful photos. You Are so blessed and Thank you for sharing them. It was a blessing for me to see them and feel a smile on my face and a warm heart!! You know the old saying that grandchidren are the joys of our old age (although you are certainly not old!). 😉

  2. Beautiful photos! They really show off your photography skills! (Of course it helps that your family are such great-looking people!) ☺

  3. Beautiful family pictures. What fun to work with the light of the fading sun. Hard to believe Jaxon is almost three! Love the one of him in the tire-swing.

  4. Love them all, but the first picture is just so so Good!! The light, the colors, the angle you caught her, I’m not even sure what all, but it’s so good!

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