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I was recently asked about my studio again… and if I could give a tour… so I filmed three today!  The first two were too long, with too many details, so I finally shortened it to about 5 minutes!  I was ready to start working on the movie, when the Denver Broncos started playing and we went to Tess and Daniel’s for chili and football. (oh, and congrats to the Kansas City Royals… I’m not a baseball fan, but, hey, good for you!)

Obviously the movie isn’t happening, but let’s remind ourselves how far we’ve come!

My first photos were from 2009 when I first came up with the crazy idea of working an original cabin/converted chicken coop/store room into my studio.  I had really no other idea firmly in mind other than cleaning it out from years of chicken poop and straw, re-chinking the logs, and putting some actual windows in it again.  Half was log, the other half stud walls.  It leaned.  It was filthy.  The nest boxes had six inches of ancient bedding in them.  It was full of tin and old gas tanks and tractor parts.  But it looked down on a field and out to the red hills… it had lots of (broken) windows…  I fell in love with it!

My pics don’t match up very well… but… they will have to do!

The fairy corner…

cornercorner2fairy cornerThe front door and windows…

front doorfront doorfront doorfront door















The big window!

big windowbig windowbig window

big windowSorry about the wonky sizes… but I think you’re getting the idea!  I could go on and on in every corner, but maybe the video will show it better… although without the “before” images.

So, what do you want?  More of these?  Just the video?  Let me know, and I’ll provide more of the studio update!


Studio Update — 8 Comments

  1. As I only ‘found’ you in 2014, it is great to see theses photos. You are blessed to have your own space, with a view, to create and craft and admire the view and paint and craft even more. Keep on crafting Carol.

  2. I feel blessed that I got to see it in the beginning. Your vision was amazing, as the studio now is. Hope to see it again down the road.

  3. I’ve always been enchanted by your studio project. I’d be interested in whatever you have. I like the progress pictures here!

  4. More of these – videos – more of everything. Love your space. Down in my neck of the woods, everything stored outside without AC would be moldy in one summer. Lucky you to live in a dry climate.

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