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spirit_of_steamboat This was my first big tangle pattern poster. I did it for One Book Wyoming and Craig Johnson’s visit to Ten Sleep last year.spirit_of_steamboat We didn’t use it for a poster but I spent many an hour on it, and loved how it turned out.

No matter that we didn’t use it, I was bound and determined to have him autograph it, and, of course, he did!IMG_5247 He liked it too, and requested a copy, but he wanted it in color!

I had it printed off on watercolor paper and managed to color it that way. Of course, I did two, one for “practice”, aka “mine”, and one final pretty one, aka “now belonging to Craig Johnson”.

spirit_of_steamboat I finally stuck mine in a frame… Remember how I love maps? Our hunter gave me a pilot’s chart of Wyoming. How perfect could that be? It doesn’t make sense if you haven’t read the book, so you should read it, it just came out in paperback! When you’re done reading it, come back and see how many things in the book are tucked into this poster.spirit_of_steamboat I’m tickled pink that this worked out so well… spirit_of_steamboat
I’m still working on the video of my studio. Maybe I can figure out tomorrow why some photos will transfer to iMovie and some won’t!


Happy birthday to Victoria!  I love you!


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  1. I’m with everyone else who commented, and hope your creativity might lead to another connection with Craig Johnson and his books. I also love the way you mounted it on the Wyoming map!

  2. What a wonderful detailed drawing Carol. Looks great in b&w as well as water colours. This side of the pond there are many adult colouring books out, aiming to give us some stress free time as we colour. The pictures are all very detailed but no where near as good or interesting as yours. Maybe you could do a Wyoming colouring book for adults!!!

  3. My gosh, Carol, that is such an amazing drawing, in both black and white and in color! It looks great in the frame. The publisher of the book should use your drawing to advertise the book, IMHO! ;-}

  4. That is so cool!! I’m sure Craig was really happy with his too. It was a great little novella and you sure got a lot in your poster. You are very talented!! So glad I found your blog. 🙂

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