Our first snowfall here at the place…

snowfallIt’s well past time… and it’s still very easy to appreciate the beauty it brings.

doublesnowAnd, as usual, it’s a shock that four miles down the road, with the slight drop in elevation, the snow runs out.  Look closely and you’ll see the snowline around the edge of the mountains, but it avoids the Nowood Valley itself.  It *IS* November… and the first tentative taste of winter has finally arrived.



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  1. I love the first snow and the coming of winter (my favorite season).
    Reminds me to read the VERY long poem, “Snowbound” by John Greenleaf Whittier…with a pot ‘o tea to keep me warm.

  2. We had our first snow two days ago. Of course it was beautiful. All gone the next morning. Hopefully more to come. The fires were awful. Tank was on meds during it for breathing problems from smoke. I won’t complain if we get buried.

  3. There’s no denying the beauty of snow. That first picture makes me feel very nostalgic, but I’ll still pass on snow if I can, other than a brief visit. lol

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