I thought I had it figured out… I’ve spent more time with Apple support this week… It looks like the old iPhoto has now been migrated to my new hard drive and upgraded to Photo.  I have my computer backup on the old hard drive.  I’ve got to make the bold button push and delete the old copy of iPhoto, but my goodness, that’s a difficult thing to do!

I thought everything was great…  Then, with my post last night, it won’t let me drag and drop photos into WordPress, which is how I write this blog.  It acts like it is, but a photo never shows up.  Now if I drag it onto my desktop and THEN into WordPress… everything is hunky dory.

I realize this is TMI, you don’t really care about the background noise, just so you can see a pic of Wyoming, but, bleh… It’s twice the work and time.  I’ll be back on the phone tomorrow.

Somewhere in there, iMovie didn’t want to work right either, it’s not recognizing some of my photos, so my studio movie is still only partially complete.

While my frustration level isn’t at “Screaming” or “Crying” yet, I just wanted to let you know that I’m trying… and I haven’t forgotten your requests!  and if you have an answer… PLEASE tell me!

Speaking of frustration levels… I went out to the Studio this morning, hauling some stuff out, bringing some supplies back, and I decided to put a coat of ModPodge on my tabletops, plus another coat on Wyatt’s birthday present.  I had two heaters on, and started a fire in my stove, but it wasn’t warm in there… but neither was it 10 degrees.  I put on the coat, and went off to do something else for a bit.  I returned and while the ModPodge was dry… it was WHITE, not CLEAR!  It was like I had a coat of whitewash on everything.  Well, I didn’t panic, but I kinda did when I came back two hours later and it was still the same!  Thankfully, I just checked again, and it seems as if it is finally clearing.  Whew!

Oh, and there’s a new occupant out in the Studio too… you will meet it soon!  Yes, it has four paws.

I guess I need to learn some patience, I am making progress with these photo programs… then maybe I can coast for a bit with all this computer junk!

I must not be one for just standing around!




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  1. Oh, how my heart goes out to you. I got hacked. Kind of recovered with my daughters help. Now I’m going to hire a guy to come here and maybe fix the rest. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  2. Oh the joys of digital stress. Well done for persevering. I’ve just upgraded to Windows 10 (nice) and while my laptop (5.5 years old) is working, it does like to think first before is acts. Longmire starts in Uk on TCM next Sunday. Yippee. But drat! I don’t have TCM so will be visiting family who do.

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