I’ve missed a lot of the ranch work lately… bringing the cows off, sorting, trailing to the badlands, and today, weighing heifers… so when I got the chance to ride along with the guys this afternoon, I jumped at the chance.

Not that I was going to be of any help, you understand…

They needed to troubleshoot a generator that pumps water to the cows in the badlands.  Troubleshooting generators is not on my list of talents.  Finding appropriate size wrenches, or fetching something from the pickup, is about my limit of helpfulness… but I could be with the guys (my usual preference), see some country, (always good) and take some photos (even better!)

I found a few little treasures…

snakeskinA shed snakeskin greeted me immediately upon my hike, with a reminder to pay attention!  I doubt they are out, with nights as cold as they are, but I will double check before I wander among warm rocks…

porcupine eggsWyoming is full of prickly, sticky things… and my dad always dubbed these “porcupine eggs”. They are brutal. Eden soon learned that chasing a rabbit among them was painful, and she soon tiptoed out of the patch and stood delicately pulling them from her hair. It’s lovely that her hair is not near as long as Lucas’, her dozen attachments soon disappeared… and she was off once more!feather


A pile of feathers in the grass reflected the sad tale of the demise of this bird… with another feather further on the possible culprit.

featherA tiny bird’s nest of juniper needles and stripped bark snuggled back into a rock depression…

bird's nestNext, a twirl of old wire encircles some logs.  The reason?  The age? It’s all unknown, but simply a part of the landscape now…




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  1. The first feather and the wired up logs strike a cord with me. The logs especially, I think. That nest looks like it could be just about any size. I looked at the picture first and thought it was quite large, so when I read “tiny” I had to take a second and third look to gain perspective. I still automatically see something more person size than bird size.

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