Red Hills and Horses Puzzle

I ran across this on a friend’s facebook page… and found it fun, so I thought I’d just share!

It is from Jigsaw Planet.  It is very simple, you sign up, upload a photo, and they turn it into a jigsaw puzzle for you.  You even get to choose the number of pieces…

I’m often playing a game or two late at night, just to keep my brain in shape… A quick line of solitaire or mahjong, tetris or wordbrain… it makes me feel like I’m exercising the ol’ grey matter!  Jigsaw puzzles I had on an app for a while, but found them too easy or too difficult… I want something that’ll take just a few minutes but still be challenging… so this is perfect, and, hey, my own photos!!

Let me know if you like this… You should be able to click the picture and solve the puzzle.  You don’t have to sign in if you don’t want to, but if you do, you’re timed if any of you want to get competitive!!!


previewRed Hills and Horses


Red Hills and Horses Puzzle — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, goodness. I thought most everyone knew about
    Hundreds of puzzles, one featured every day but all available by viewing categories. Every puzzle can be “ordered” from any of several dozen shape variations,from 6 pieces to over 200. My only affiliation with Jigzone is as a long-time fan. There is also a “turn your photo into a puzzle” feature. As challenging as you want it to be, from top-notch brain exercise to just a way to pass an idle moment. I hope you and your readers will visit and enjoy!

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