So this is NoNameKitty… (which, hysterically, makes me think of Paint Your Wagon and No Name City! – love that movie!)  Anyway, it doesn’t have a name yet…

NoNameKittyIt took four days for the little wild thing to tame down and come out when I went into the studio!  Now I’m The Best Thing Ever and it just loves to come and get in my face (ick!) and purr (awww).  I like cats, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want it in my face!

I’m also rather put out with him/her because IT WILL NOT USE THE LITTER BOX.  That’s a Definite ICK!  I had a box with kitty litter, and moved it, because, gee, the studio’s so BIG, maybe it couldn’t find it.  Pooped around it.  I put some poop IN the box, “monkey see, monkey do”, right? Nope. Pooped around it.  Maybe the kitty litter smells yucky or it feels weird, so I put some dirt in the box.  Nope, pooped around it.  I PLACED THE KITTY IN IT MULTIPLE TIMES, “see the nice dirt?”.  Nope, pooped around it. Now I’m opening the window just enough that it can go outside at night (the safest time to be out, as my dogs are in the house or yard), so, hopefully, it will find its way out and POOP OUTSIDE.

Gah.  It’s so gross.  I’ve never heard of a cat not just naturally using a litter box.

Hints and tips are welcome.  Ideas for names, also welcome.

It’s a cute little booger, so long as it learns to POOP OUTSIDE or IN THE STUPID BOX… I might keep it around!

P.S.  It could earn a lot of points if it would also CATCH THE DAMN MICE!



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  1. Make sure the entrance to the litter pan is not too high. Don’t make her “jump into it yet. Precious Cat litter is very good. VERY low in dust. Get the one that is not scented (blue bag) and later you can change it to the fushia colored bag that is lightly scented. Like suggested above, mix it with dirt. Place kitty in the litter box and gently move her paw in a digging motion. Place her in there about 10 mins after she eats. If she uses it…praise…lots of praise..and some special treat that she ONLY gets when she uses the litter box. Slowly add more litter to reduce the dirt ratio. When she is using it like a champ, you can replace it with all litter. Kitties do want to use the litter box, but it seems she just doesn’t know how to yet. Be sure her food and water bowl is NOT anywhere near the litter box. And kitties in your face is a lovely thing. Learn to love it!! LOL. Keep us posted. We are here to help you through this.

  2. I have questions. Where did it come from? Did it just wander in (I don’t think) or did someone give it to you. How old is it? Since you would like it for a specific purpose why not call it something really corny like Mouse (and it was at first anyway).

  3. Kitten sure looks like an Égoli (pron. E as in bed; the o is short and not very open; i as in ee; emphasis on E). Egoli/Ehhgolee – goes so beautifully with that Kittycuteness!
    Litter box suggestion: Fresh = new, *fine*-grained litter in a box that doesn’t smell of previous feline users or dust. Gently place kitty in box shortly after meals or play, let it discover its toilet without too much human input… Kitty will get there – but until then, spread newspaper in quiet corner of room and place litter box in the middle of newspaper; this way, at least all you have to do in case of accident is to remove newspaper…
    A well-fed cat is no less of a mouser, if not a better mouser, than a hungry cat…
    Just my 2 cents…
    Good luck, I hope it will all work out beautifully!

  4. Soo adorable – ” Paint ”
    ” Wagon ”
    ” Painted Paws ”

    No ideas on The the litter box thing, sorry..

    “No Name”
    I like shitty kitty.. But no..

    “Litter Kitty”


  5. I agree with Judy. Put kitten in liter box and use it’s front paws to dig. When I start a kitten I use dirt. Their use to it. Cat door? I have one and have not had any other critters use it.

  6. depending on cat’s gender: Crapolita or Crapolotto

    Say it really fast, and the grandkids won’t get it…………for a week or two.

    Good luck!

  7. I had a friend that named their cat Shitty Kitty…seems appropriate here except you might not want the grand kids repeating that! I like NoNameKitty myself. I am sure that there is something from that movie you could re-use…how about Beans?

  8. So Cute! I hope you can figure out how to clue it in on the litter box. The names that came to my mind were Funnyface, or Whiskers.

  9. Yep, kitties are complicated little critters. As someone mentioned above, first order might be to just make sure all is well with kittie’s insides. Possibly needs to be dewormed. If going potty is uncomfortable in any way, they associate that unpleasantness with the litter box. As someone with both barn and house cats, it all usually works out soon and all is well. That little things certainly has a sweet face. Oreo is a good name but possibly Sylvester if it’s a boy (after the cartoon character). Best wishes for a happy relationship with your new friends.

  10. Kudos to you for trying to help this baby out! Hint – use unscented cat litter – Dr Elsey’s Precious cat litter is the best and is available on Amazon. Ships UPS to your door! Best cat litter ever. Also, don’t use a covered box. Most cats hate them. First of course should be a vet trip – check for FIV,etc , shots & neutering!!! Good luck!!!

  11. Pooping outside the litter box isn’t uncommon, my daughter’s male cat began this after a move. While I didn’t see the episode, but heard about it, the cable show “My Cat From Hell” with Jackson Galaxy dealt with this topic. A Google search should help locate info. Kudos to you for helping this baby, probably his/her mother killed before showing her/him on how to do many activities (covering poo) Cats are wonderful friends.

  12. The kitty is so cute and looks so young. Maybe try two litter boxes, sometimes they don’t like to pee and poop in the same spot. Scratching in fresh pee is icky on their paws so they move outside the box. I had one cat that would sit in the box with his but over the edge and poop so you are in for some challenges. 🙂

  13. For a name, Oreo. Maybe try keeping the kitten in a crate with the litter box for a few days so that there is just enough space for a bed, food, water and the litter box.

  14. Such a cute little kitty… might try sand??? he is just clueless right now…. work with him and show him how to dig a little with his front paws… Maybe even help him cover up some you just put back in…. good luck to you both….

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