Yucca Blossoms Puzzle

Had to do another one… they’re just a tad bit more fun than just a photo, don’t you think?  This is one of my favorites… I LOVE yucca blossoms!  Yucca blossoms in red hills with blue skies is divine.  If all my clothes, walls, jewelry, and whatevers were these colors, I’d just be tickled!!!  Oh, wait… maybe they already are!!!


(Note:  Fewer pieces this time, so a bit faster for solving… hope you like it!)

previewYucca Blossoms


Yucca Blossoms Puzzle — 5 Comments

  1. i used to do these years ago and decided I was not using my time appropriately so stopped, now I’m into it again, so far done six animal ones since you posted about it, bad me.

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