Isn’t She Lovely?

On our Christmas tree jaunt the other day… we passed this lovely lady.

longhornShe was the only Longhorn in the bunch, so she stood out!  She *definitely* was unique!!!

longhornI know our Angus have treated us Quite Well… but I am drawn to the ones that stand out in the herd!  And I think she is just positively lovely!



Isn’t She Lovely? — 14 Comments

  1. And how did such royalty end up with all the Angus? She is a beauty. Mot sure that her crown would fit in your squeeze shoot.

  2. She is beautiful! Longhorn horns have always made me a little nervous, though they are stunning! (I imagine it would be really stunning if she used them on me!) ☺

  3. Aww, she’s gorgeous! I love longhorns! That first picture is excellent. It would look fantastic in a frame. I’m always drawn to the ones that stand out too.

  4. What a lady. Special indeed. Managed to watch S4E1 of Longmire while visiting family. Not sure when I’ll get to see next, but son in law and sister phoned and text at 8:59pm last Sunday, said nothing, just that E3 was WOW. Drat!!!!!!

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