Although I feel like I should have lost 10 pounds in the past two days, of course, that’s just a dream.  I have *worked* though!  I’ve decorated the majority of the library… photos to come later… of course, we want it to look very spiffy since our special guest, Craig Johnson, will be there for our Open House/Silent Auction.

After 8-5 of library decoration, I stayed til past 9 on Wednesday night working on these.

lovebirdsWhat a precious flock of love birds!!!  They are fantastic!!!

lovebirdThey are made from a design from the Lia Griffith website.  Seven pieces for each bird… each cut the same, but each bird ends up looking a bit different!  They all have their own “personality”.

Today, I spent gluing and wiring and spacing and looking and looking again… to create this.

wreathThis is the Friends of the Ten Sleep Library’s entry for Worland’s Festival of Trees.  “Snow Birds”.

birdhouseHere’s a closeup look at the front to an old birdhouse… with the bird “inside” on its nest. A touch of “whimsy” as a co-worker said!

This wreath has paper love birds, swallows, book birds, glass balls, nests, snowflakes, 3D snowflakes, pinecones, book snowflakes, baby’s breath, sticks, and glittering acorns in abundance!

It is up for auction Friday evening at the Worland Community Center.  If you can attend, please do… and please bid on the “Snow Birds” wreath!  I love it!  and hey, while you’re at it, please TWEET, reTWEET, and share!

library wreath



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  1. Birds + wreath = SPECTACULAR!

    You are indeed one talented lady. I’m so delighted we are related, even if by marriage Even if it is really iffy at best

  2. “Snow Birds” is a perfect title for this beautiful wreath. It is simply
    gorgeous. Looks like it will be a gathering place for some admiring visitors at the library, and then in someone’s home. Gorgeous!!!

  3. Love the wreath! I hope it brings much $$ at the silent auction. Can’t wait to see pictures of the Library when it’s fully decked out for Christmas.

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