Wyoming-loving Wine Glass

I usually try to submit some crafty items for the Silent Auction at the library.  I’m actually accomplishing more than I have in years past… glass etching

This is the one I’m happiest with at the moment.  I decided to etch some stemless wine glasses.  Now the glasses aren’t that expensive, so I wouldn’t be losing too much if it was a fail.  I’ve etched things before but these were a bit trickier since not only are they round glasses, they are curved vertically as well.

It’s fairly straight forward.  Cut your stencil from some spare shelf paper (thanks to my sister who had some when I couldn’t find mine!).  Place carefully on the glass, making sure there’s good contact with every little edge!  Paint on Armour Etch and let sit for 5 minutes.  Remove your stencil and wash off the etching paste with water.


steamboat wine glassA “hand-did” Steamboat wine glass!  Yeah, it’s not perfect.  But they were made with love! 😉

Steamboat wine glassesPerfect for every Wyoming-loving wine drinker out there!  (also acceptable for iced tea or orange juice!)


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