A Couple More

Here are a couple more of my crafts for the library’s Silent Auction Monday evening.

fingernail polish mugThis mug was given a watercolor effect using fingernail polish.

crayon ornamentsThis is a set of three melted crayon ornaments with bead highlights.

pastelHere’s a tiny pastel done of the Big Horn Mountains…

[easy-image-collage id=16365]

My favorite… three little tomtens, or Christmas gnomes made of wool.  Each is very distinctive, and I gave them different decorations.  Since they were so lightweight, I ended up sewing the trio together so they would stand up.  I am definitely making more of these for myself!  They are all so stinking cute!  Maybe one sewed next to a pine cone or a piece of pine bough… or ornaments for the grandkids even though I’ve bought them their ornaments for this year??? Hmmm…

Anyway, these are all up for bid at our Silent Auction Monday night… Follow Ten Sleep Branch Library on Facebook and I will try to post photos of some of our other great items tomorrow as well!  Wish us luck and rich bidders!!!!


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