Silent Auction and a Story

Well, another year down for our Silent Auction/Open House.

Attendance was hurt some from the large snowstorm that blew in… but support was still there.

bidders103 items were up for bid.

Craig Johnson was here as our Special Guest, reading his newest Christmas Post-it story.

postitEveryone had a good time… there was plenty of delicious food… and the “Land of the Blind” tale was a hit!  Thanks, Craig!

Craig JohnsonCraig Johnson


Silent Auction and a Story — 4 Comments

  1. I wondered why you were having another silent auction. Seriously, are you telling me a year has passed since the last! That’s why you were having another. I still can’t believe it’s a year since the last. I hope it did well in spite of the snow storm. Were people able to ring in with a “silent” bid or do it online?

  2. ok -not home sick at all! And seeing a dear and familiar faces didn’t make me boo hoo all that much. Great pictures of the esteemed Mr. Johnson, so sorry snow storm inserted itself into the festivities. Christmas at the library always has such a great feel, with lovely items from which to choose.

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