Accomplished That

The snowstorm only dropped a soft 6″ on us…and it kept snowing all day!

Craig Johnson was nice enough to let us know he arrived home safely across Powder River Pass after the Silent Auction last night.  We were nervous!

I enjoyed a fire in my old Round Oak stove most of the day… it was like a moth to a flame… I would accomplish something, then find myself sitting in front of the open door, relaxing…

Vernon started feeding the calves we gathered together yesterday.  That was a trip!  The calves have been on the hay fields, scattered about, but with this storm heading in, Vernon knew it’d be easier to bring them to one central location to feed them on Monday morning rather than Tuesday after the storm.  Since I didn’t have to be at the library until late morning, I figured my dogs and I needed the exercise.

We hiked along the creek for a bit…

creek walk

circled around, up the hill, and kicked five off the hillside on our way back.


We had them almost to the end of the field, when Dally and Eden goosed them up (without permission) and instead of heading towards the field, the calves took off back UPHILL.  Huff puff huff puff, I was back up on top of the little ridge, edging away but upward as to not pressure them.  It didn’t matter.  Tails went up and they were GONE.



Maybe an *expletive deleted* in there too.

Across two other small draws and there they were.  Way the hell and gone.  It wasn’t due to my dogs either, as they were beside me.  I zoomed in to get this photo!!!!

black dotsThat’s them.  Those little black dots, right of center.

OK.  My time was up.  I didn’t have three hours to chase stupid calves around!!!!  I headed downhill, then the guilt got to me, and I turned around and started to hike up parallel to them.  NOPE.  They went further uphill.  This grey ridge is steep.  No, let me capitalize this.  This grey ridge is STEEEEEEP.  I walked down to my little truck and got in.  No need for the heater quite yet, I was plenty hot.

After Vernon showed up, and I pointed out the little black dots high on the ridge, I then talked to Brandon, who would double check my hiking trail (I hadn’t gone as far as I should have), and then I talked to Daniel, who would go help his dad, with the Delinquent Five.  (I was happy to see that as Vernon tried to circle up and around, those little stinkers went UPHILL AGAIN – It wasn’t me!)  I abandoned the guys and headed to a shower and the library for our auction.

Well, so much for the plan of HELPING, but the plan of getting some exercise???? I accomplished that!  (Plus, I took a good photo of Dally…)

Dally pose



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  1. What an interesting way to exercise. Beats looking at the walls of a gym ( not that I go to one, but pass one where people are working hard running on a track and just looking out the window, looks very boring!!!)

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